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I'm back again... After a lot of learning

My story timeline is below if you care to learn where I've been and where I'm going.


NUYU Juice Bar

Co-Founder & CEO

2015 - 2019

Once upon a time, at 18 years old, I started a juice bar with some business partners.

Running a brick-and-mortar business was an amazing experience because it gave me a holistic feel for all the diverse parts that are involved in building a business.

After 4+ years of owning NUYU, we sold it in 2019.

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Entrepreneur Before 25

Founder & Host

2016 - Present

I got tired of being one of the only young entrepreneurs I knew. So I decided to solve my own problem and start a podcast that would give me a platform to talk to young entrepreneurs and therefore build a community (shoutout to the 25 Tribe!) of them. On the EB25 podcast, I interviewed entrepreneurs who started their journey at the age of 25 or under. 

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Dear Millennial,



After interviewing hundreds of millennials on Entrepreneur Before 25, I noticed some major recurring themes. I decided to write "book one before 21" and address the challenges I saw in millennials from a peer-to-peer point of view. Dear Millennial shares how millennials can define their unique life purpose, pursue a life of fulfillment and start building their legacy from a young age.

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Co-Founder & CEO


I wanted to take my passion for young entrepreneurs to an in-person, tangible level. 

Fulcrum was a community built of passionate business owners who wanted to create an impact in the world. Our vision was to create a physical space where entrepreneurs could Live, Work & Play. We built a thriving community through a series of monthly events, got a 50,000 SF building under the agreement, and were just about to open our Phase 1 location. The week of the Phase 1 opening, Covid 19 hit, and Yakima's lockdown started. We bootstrapped for as long as we could and unfortunately shut the project down in July of 2020. It was difficult, but the vision is still very much alive in Yakima and inside of me.

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Watt Advertising

Co-Founder & COO

2020 - Present

Once I took some space to glean from the lessons of shutting down Fulcrum, I looked forward and partnered with Sam (my amazing husband!) to start our Google Ads Marketing company, Watt Advertising. So far, it's been an amazing and deeply fulfilling journey. I love helping people define their core essence, turn it into a digital masterpiece and get it in front of as many eyes as possible!

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